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I offer holistic services to help you reconnect to your true essence and higher purpose in life.

We will use the best technique for you through an integrative approach of body, mind, emotion and energy.

Integrative Session

We will care for the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body with the best technique for you.
A session will last around 1 hour and c
an be done online (except for Facial Reflexology).

*It doesn’t replace medical treatments from a psychologist or doctor

Energy Healing

Energetic healing and chakra balancing using the hand lightly on or over the body of the person to channel universal energy (ki) and deliver it to the person. It aids relaxation to improve overall well-being.


Energetic healing using a radionic board and sacred geometry to unblock the energy of a situation, in your financial, love, family, professional or other dimension of your life. Can also be used to activate a Buddhic Column to clear the energy of  spaces.

Yoga Meditation
Yoga for Meditation

Yoga following traditional teachings of Patanjali’s Raja Yoga, transmitted by Kaivalyadhama Institute in India, one of the oldest pioneering yoga institutes in the world and the first to proactively conduct scientific research to demonstrate the benefits and uses of Yoga. For meditation and overall well-being.


Meditation technique to tap into the Theta brain wave to reprogram your mind to clear limiting beliefs. We will unravel subconscious limiting beliefs that are generating problems and blockages in your financial, love, family or other dimension of your life and replace them with new beliefs and positive feelings.

Facial Reflexology
Facial reflexology

Stimulation of zones and points of the face called meridians, which affects energy systems of the body and relates to muscles, organs, cranial nerves and hormonal system, to alleviate overall health conditions, such as headache, stress and anxiety. 
Based upon the ancient Chinese, Tibetan, Vietnamese and aboriginal practices.

High Vibrational Mandalas

What are mandalas?

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit and is depicted in several ancient traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism and used more recently by Carl Jung (”The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, 1959”) as “archetypes of wholeness”. They are considered portals of energy and can help you reconnect with your wholeness and speak to your unconscious mind through geometry, symbols and beauty.

What are High Vibrational Mandalas?

High vibrational mandalas are handmade and personalized arts for energetic balancing of a person/place/relationship using a specific method of meditation to channel in the mandala the vibrations the recipient needs. I use meditation, energetic cleansing and protection, chakra balancing and radiesthesia to create and read the mandala. I also use intuition, reiki, Thetahealing®, radionic and/or other holistic tools as additional methods to potentialize the healing vibration.

All mandalas and arts hold a vibration. The artist will imprint her intention, feelings and emotions on the art. The method will make sure the mandala will be vibrating healing energies as I become a clean channel to connect to the person’s energy and create a unique and exclusive drawing or painting.

What are the types of Mandalas?


Personal: made for a specific person, baby or animal

Relationship: made for a family, partnership and other relationships

Companies or Institution: made for a specific company or institution (e.g.: for an office, room...)

Universal: not made for a specific individual, but with universal themes (e.g. health, love, peace, joy, creativity...)


With a specific intention (e.g.: health, love, abundance...)

Without a specific intention (brings the vibration you need to align to your higher purpose)

What to expect?

All mandalas are personalized using energy reading and balancing techniques that will help you bring to consciousness healing points and will keep vibrating high energetic states as a portal of energy through the drawing, sacred geometry, colors related to chakras, numerology and symbols.

The mandala will be delivered with a written message or audio with the reading of the mandala and a certificate of authenticity of the art.

How to use the mandala?

The mandala can be used as decoration objects for beauty purposes, harmonization and activation of areas in your life according to feng shui concepts, protection of spaces or as object of focus for meditation purposes.

Custom sizes

Order your personalized mandala with customized material and sizes

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